Những pha xử lý hay leesin montage #7, những pha xử lý hay lee sin montage #7


After almost a week without any Legends of Runeterra spoilers, Riot Games is back with a ton of new cards. Featuring the champion Lee Sin, these cards from Ionia are all about synergy. While Lee Sin doesn’t have any new từ khóa or mechanics, he comes with plenty of combat tricks lớn dragon kick your opponent into oblivion.

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Lee Sin spoilers

With Lee Sin on the board, players will be wanting khổng lồ cast lots of spells. The first spell cast each turn gives him Challenger, & then the second spell gives him Barrier. Once seven spells have been cast, Lee Sin levels up và gets a powerful new ability. Finding a balance between spells & units will be important for Lee Sin-based decks.

Once he does level up, he has all the abilities of the first level, plus the ability khổng lồ kick enemy units. Whenever he challenges an enemy unit, he deals damage equal to lớn his power khổng lồ both the unit & the enemy Nexus. If the enemy unit isn’t killed, then it gets recalled back to lớn your opponent’s hand. There is so much going on with this ability that it’s hard to know how different cards will interact with Lee Sin. This is a chất lượng ability in Legends of Runeterra; the closest thing to it is the thẻ Atrocity, but it instead uses your enemy units as a sacrifice.

Being able khổng lồ target specific units to khuyến mãi direct damage to the enemy Nexus gives him a lot of board control. Judging by the showcase video, Lee Sin won’t take damage at all when he challenges an enemy unit, giving him a unique version of Quick Attack. Abusing his ability with Rally, or staging attacks with the new Scout mechanic Quinn brings khổng lồ the game, gives players multiple chances lớn kick enemy units.

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Legends of Runeterra combo region, Ionia

Lee Sin also comes with numerous unique spells & units khổng lồ help get him to lớn peak form. Two cheap spells, Sonic Wave and Retreat, create fleeting cards in hand khổng lồ accelerate Lee Sin to cấp độ two. These two spells both only cost two mana, và their fleeting spells, Resonating Strike & Return, only cost one. Cheap combat tricks lượt thích these are going to be key to keeping the character alive.


Rounding out the Legends of Runeterra spoilers are a pair of units that also create more spells in hand. Tail of the Dragon & Scales of the long are two three-mana units that provide combat tricks for Lee Sin khổng lồ abuse. The three-mana slot is going to be a pretty congested slot in a deck running Lee Sin.


How Lee Sin will affect the meta of Legends of Runeterra is a little up in the air. With so many aggressive champions & cards released already, a mid- lớn late-game champ might have a hard time finding a place. Combining him with fully leveled up Karma or possibly a Yasuo khổng lồ tempo your opponent until you can stabilize might be an effective strategy.

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